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BESS systems

Power Range

Starting from 1 MWh up to unlimited capacity

General Information

EXERON X-BESS is our turn-key battery energy storage system.

It is applicable for grid balancing, peak shaving, energy arbitrage, frequency regulation or to provide resilient energy during grid outages.


X-BESS is a technology developed in-house , patented and manufactured by IPS.


It includes PCS (battery inverter), ESS (battery) and EMS (monitoring and control software).

Key features

  • Up to 6 MW single battery inverter (PCS) with modular architecture
  • High PCS power density: 6 MW in less than 4 sq.m.
  • Unique, higly efficient thermal management system
  • ESS unit starts from 1 MWh up to unlimited
  • Battery inverter efficiency ~ 99.7%
  • No power de-rating up to 60'C ambient temperature
  • Hot swap inverter modules technology
BESS systems


Modular structure

Military approved

N+N redundancy

OPEX Reduction

Outdoor applications

Plug & Play, Hot Plug

Remote monitoring & control

Unlimited storage

Product Applications