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Military base in Paraguay powered by the EXERON hybrid off-grid solution

IPS is proud to announce the successful hybridization of a military base in Paraguay on the border with Bolivia with no grid infrastructure available. The Exeron technology was used to optimize the Diesel Genset operation through hybridization. IPS technology guaranteed an uninterruptable power supply with the integration of a renewable source and flawless operation in the harsh ambient conditions experienced in the region. The EXERON could sustain efficient performance with humidity up to 98% and temperatures of up to 550C. The annual OPEX savings post hybridization at the military base are more than 50%. The price per kWh is 0.27 $/kWh with payback period of 4,8 years.

The turnkey solution with EXERON technology included 36 KW output power, 42 kWp solar input in combination with 240 kWh energy storage and 64 kVA diesel genset as a backup with minimum operational time.