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Power Range

1 kVA - 65 MVA

General Information

Mainly developed and designed for off-grid electrification of single or multiple objects (Mini Grid) in remote or rural areas

but also for massive OPEX reduction and diesel generator replacement.


Due to the unique modular structure of all plug & play system components (PV chargers, rectifiers, inverter modules), the input/output power of the EXERON as well as the battery storage can be scaled easy and fast starting from 2 kVA up to 65 MVA. Battery back-up time is unlimited.


EXERON has been deployed in 50+ countries on 7 continents and powers a huge number of loads in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Defense, Telecommunications, Mini Grid and Residential and many others.


More information about our top innovation: www.exeron.com

Key features

Each EXERON system can be manufactured for indoor use as well as for outdoor applications in cabinets, shelters or standart 20" or 40"containers.


You can build your EXERON however you would like, when using the plug & play principle and the EXERON's basic modules:


PV MPPT charger SML 2000: 2 kWp

Rectifier power: 2 kW

Inverter module power: 4 kVA

Battery back-up: from 30 min up to unlimited

Battery type: Lead-Acid, Ni-Cad, Li-based

PV modules type: Poly-, Mono-Crystalline, Thin Film

Diesel genset control: automated control with intelligent functions

Outdoor/indoor enclosure: according to the customer's requirements

Remote monitoring and control: Cloud X




Unique BMS

DG control

Indoor applications

Lead-Acid, Ni-Cad, Li-based batteries

Military approved

Modular structure

N+N redundancy

OPEX Reduction

On-line, double conversion

Outdoor applications

Plug & Play, Hot Plug

Remote monitoring & control

Sensor connections

Unlimited storage

Up to 80°C

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