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100 % renewable solution for a students’ college campus in Nigeria

IPS has supported Thomas Adewumi International College in Nigeria to electrify its campus in an environmentally friendly manner, taking advantage of the abundant solar radiation on site. The college building has 25 rooms equipped with lights, computers, air conditioners, kitchen and other electrical appliances.

IPS designed and delivered on site an off-grid energy conversion system Exeron. The operational logic of the system is as follows: during the day the generated power from the PV modules is used for powering the loads and charging the batteries.  In the evenings or at days without enough sunshine the load is powered from the energy stored in the batteries. The original solar installation provided 50 kWp which was combined with a 300 kWh energy storage. The output power of the 100 % renewable installation was 60 kVA.

The project is proof of our capability to provide fully renewable off-grid solution with the award-winning Exeron technology.