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The first hybrid power supply system for a large bus terminal in Solo, Indonesia

The largest bus terminal in the city of Solo, Indonesia was being modernized and one of the goals was to electrify the commercial area using renewable energy. This project proves the Government will to decrease the dependency on fossil fuels. IPS supported this initiative through the application of its innovative award-winning technology EXERON

IPS designed, built and commissioned a tailor-made hybrid energy conversion system Exeron integrating Solar, Grid and Diesel Genset energy sources where batteries are used for storing unused energy. The logic of the system operation provides the possibility to power the load during the day and at peak hours through the renewable PV installation whilst at the same time utilizing unused solar energy to charge the batteries. As a result, the evening consumption is satisfied by stored energy in the batteries. During cloudy weather and when the batteries are discharged, power is drawn from the grid. A backup diesel generator is available for emergency situations. The turnkey solution includes 132 KW output power, 120 kWp input from the sun, 480 kWh energy storage and 120 kVA Grid/DG input.

The turnkey solution with Exeron technology exceeds performance expectations. The Annual OPEX savings predicted are close to 46% with a payback period of 5.8 years. The carbon footprint (CO2) reduced by over 200 t/year.