IPS Micro-grid awarded in Indonesia

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has announced IPS smart micro-grid in Sumba Island (Indonesia) as the winner of “Energy Renewable Energy Best Practices Awards”.

The event was part of the 38th ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting in Vietnam.

The awards, which have been given since 2000, are aimed to show appreciation for best practices and increase public awareness of the use and development of new, renewable energy and energy conservation as well as the use of coal in a responsible manner while still addressing the aspect of environmental protection.

IPS’s smart microgrid is a turn-key solution for independent, decentralized energy generation, storage, and supply of power to a community school in Sumba. With several buildings and multiple distributed power sources connected in different points of the grid and communicating between themselves, this solution ensures a reliable flexible and scalable power supply. Key benefits are the smart sharing of distributed power and stored energy between multiple consumers and practically limitless options for output capacity scaling.

The electrification of the school has enhanced the living quality of its students. Lightning can enable classes to be taught early in the morning or late at night. Electricity access facilitates the introduction of ICTs into the classroom such as computers and televisions. Electrified schools can enable principals to recruit and retain better qualified teachers and have been correlated with improvements on both test scores and graduation rates.

Such reasons are IPS’s personnel deepest motive for a more sustainable and fairer world.