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Power Range

20 A - 5000 A

General Information

Ultra compact, plug & play and hot pluggable, the CXP-40 is a powerful switched mode CP controller with several features.

The most important is the ability for remote monitoring an control of the output current and voltage.

XCP-40 can perform periodical battery capacity and health checks.


The best advantage is the system N+1 redundancy. Do to the fact that the controllers can operate in parallel, they do load sharing. Even in the worst case of failure in one of the modules the output current to the load remain uninterrupted and unchanged. The failed CP module can be exchanged in a few seconds due to the hot-plug feature.

Key features

DC input voltage range: 24 V, 48 V, 70 V, 100 V

DC output voltage range: 0-24 V, 0-48 V, 0-110 V

Applications: indoors and outdoors

Output power upgrade: in a few seconds by adding a new plug & play CP module


Weight per module2 kg

Event logger: 20000 events

Turn-key power solutions for remote areas

Remote monitoring and control: voltage and current



19” rack-mount

Indoor applications

Military approved

Modular structure

Outdoor applications

Plug & Play, Hot Plug

Remote monitoring & control

Sensor connections

Up to 80°C


N+N redundancy

Product Applications


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