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CoolFlow series

Power Range

100 W - 6 kW heat dissipation

General Information

The CoolFlow series has been developed by IPS in order to optimize space and minimize energy consumption.


Compact design, anti-solar shielding and low energy consumption.

Key features

Operation temperatures: -40°C up to +45°C

Heat dissipation: 100 W up to 6 kW

Cabinet design: single, double and tripple body design

Free U for customers equipment: from 2U up to 110U in a single cabinet

Wall design: double walls, anti-corossion

Protection: up to IP55

Options: anti-fire system, sensors for temperature, humidity, flood, smoke, vibration, heater

Mounting options: ground, wall, pole

CoolFlow series


19” rack-mount


Double wall

Heat exchange

Military approved

Outdoor applications

Sensor connections

Product Applications