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CoolRack series

Power Range

9000 BTU - 24000 BTU cooling power

General Information

The CoolRack series has been developed by IPS in order to meet highest requirements for accommodating of equipment and batteries.


Securing a constant dry and cool enviroment inside the cabinets is the most important.


The IPS developed active air conditioning unit is maintenance free, microcomputer controlled and has an optimized energy consumption.

Key features

Operation temperatures: -20°C up to +55°C

Modes of operation: cooling and heating

Cooling power: 9000 BTU up to 24000 BTU

Cabinet design: single, double and triple body design

Free U for customers equipment: from 2U up to 110U in a single cabinet

Wall design: double walls, anti-corrosion

Protection: up to IP65

Options: anti-fire system, sensors for temperature, humidity, flood, smoke, vibration


CoolRack series


19” rack-mount

Air conditioning


Double wall

Outdoor applications

Sensor connections

Product Applications