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SML 2000

Power Range

1 kWp - 2 kWp

General Information

The SML 2000 solar charge controller converts the energy from the PV string to 48 VDC and can charge several types of batteries as well as off-grid inverters, cathodic protection controllers etc.

A 2 kWp PV string can be connected to a SML 2000. The solar charge controller has an MPP tracker, so 1 PV string is always connected to 1 MPP tracker for best efficiency.


Remote monitoring and control through the IPS' in-house developed Cloud X onlain platform or internal customer's network.

Key features

DC input voltage range: 140 V up to 450 V

Umppt voltage range: 140 V up to 450 V

PV string power per module: ~2 kWp

DC Output Voltage: 48 V

MPPT efficiency>99%

Output power: 2 kW

Weight per module: 2 kg

Battery types: Lead Acid, Ni-Cad, Li-based


Monitoring and control: Cloud X

SML 2000


19” rack-mount

Unique BMS

Indoor applications

Lead-Acid, Ni-Cad, Li-based batteries

Military approved

Modular structure

OPEX Reduction

Outdoor applications

Plug & Play, Hot Plug

Remote monitoring & control

Up to 80°C

Product Applications